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DYKA: Hetalia!

Once again I am gladly obliged to talented people for bringing one of my writing samples to life. The latest episode of Did You Know Anime? spotlights the whimsical, history-spewing and stereotype-skewering work known as Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Writing this script in particular was challenging, as anyone familiar with Hetalia can tell you the animated series itself is already chock-full of general historical trivia related to its characters (anthropomorphic versions of the nations of the world) and its WWII setting. In addition to one-off facts and common knowledge, I also made some of my own well-grounded postulations (corroborated by academic peers) such as the series’ subtle commentary on China’s one-child policy via the catalyst of the character China and the fan-fueled ambiguity surrounding his gender.

Special thanks to narrator Aevynne and yet again to editor and friend Michael. Now sit back and enjoy your work!

Thanks for watching!

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