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(Belated) DYKA: Digimon

I almost find myself at a loss for words: it would seem that other matters at the tail end of 2014 stole so much of my attention that I forgot to create a post specifically for one of my proudest and personal favorite DYKA contributions to date. Narrated by none other than longtime voice actor Joshua Seth (whom fans will most assuredly remember as Taichi “Tai” Kamiya from Digimon Adventure), DYKA‘s mid-season heavy hitter—combined with the ardor attained by old-school fans after hearing of a planned animated reunion of the original “DigiDestined” sometime in 2015—proved to be quite a stirring addition to the web series’ repertoire (not to mention a delightful precursor to Christmas 2014).

Once again Michael’s nuanced video editing made for a viewing experience that was as enriching as it was amusing for fans, and as the researcher and writer for this episode (which mostly entailed utilizing my Netflix subscription while recollecting my own cherished childhood memories…yes, quite a chore, I’m sure you can imagine) I was unaccountably overjoyed when seeing the finished product. I am exceedingly obliged to Michael for his labors, and I am especially grateful to Mr. Seth for his time: my pre-teen and post-teen years intersected in a way I could never have imagined.

In addition to voice-over, Joshua Seth has since pursued a very prolific career as a psychological illusionist; he has also recently published a comprehensive aid for time management and stress reduction in our increasingly hectic world of modernity entitled Finding Focus In A Busy World: How To Tune Out The Noise And Work Well Under Pressure (2015).  

Click here for Joshua’s corporate website, and click here for the DYKA podcast episode where Josh divulges some of his past experiences and helpful advice to Michael and other anime fans.

For now and all those years ago: Thanks, Josh!

Most sincerely,

– J. G. Lobo

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