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Did You Know? DYKA has a Patreon!

After almost a year and a half of painstaking work (a labor of love, of course), DYKA creator Michael Perge and I would like to announce our venture into the world of Patreon. As we seek to expand our own horizons within anime-trivia circles while still maintaining our works’ level of quality fans have come to expect, we believe that giving fans the optional avenue of supporting us in our endeavors could potentially alleviate some of the day-to-day stressors that inherently come with balancing a major YouTube project with the minutiae of everyday life (like our day jobs and paying the rent). We also believe that such an option could give die-hard fans a feeling of contribution and connectivity to us that has been largely absent with DYKA thus far (though not for lack of trying, e.g. encouraging fan submissions for trivia).

All in all, if you are unsure of what this all means (or are asking “What is Patreon?”), please check out the links provided for more information. The key thing to remember is that Mike and I are doing all of this because we’re fans, simple as that: we weren’t hired, we weren’t asked, we just love anime. DYKA is our own fan-fueled undertaking; it always has been, and it always will be.  Patreon simply offers individuals the option of sponsoring Michael and myself (for any amount of time they so choose), and in return they are recognized and reward accordingly: as an educational endeavor, DYKA will continue to be freely available to everyone wanting to further their own horizons when it comes to acquiring knowledge about anime.

Our deepest thanks to our friends, fans, and talented actors/bloggers/filmmakers/reviewers/fellow anime junkies who have supported us along the way. We hope to continue doing you proud!


Jon G. Lobo

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