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DYKA: Berserk Part 2

Can you believe Season 6 of Did You Know Anime? is upon us? And could there be any more epic of a manner in which to begin this newest season? (Don’t bother answering that last question, it’s rhetorical!) Mike handled all the work this time, with help from special guest Kevin T. Collins a.k.a. Griffith as the narrator. Check out the video for loads of awesome Berserk trivia, and stay tuned at the end to hear details about Kevin’s musical projects: trust me, it’s worth the wait. (And here you probably thought he only sang during outtakes!)

Due to Mike and I both falling ill and coincidentally both moving into new dwellings near the end of July, the production schedule may falter ever so slightly; but rest assured, once we’re both well and settled in to our respective abodes, we’ll get right back into the swing of things.

And speaking of my residence, the humble studio I’m occupying is on the top floor of a quaint old building which lacks central air conditioning. As such, a rather loud air conditioner is constantly running to keep me protected from a very hot and humid summer. To this end, regrettably, I doubt that I will be able to do another podcast installment for the foreseeable future, as any such background noise will detrimentally affect recordings (we may informally cast on the cheap, but we do have minimum standards of quality, after all). But rest assured: I’m not done talking about anime just yet, and time allowing (a significant caveat, as I will also be starting another academic program in the fall), the next installment will be out when Old Man Winter pays the Midwest a visit.

Thanks to Mr. Collins for his time (whether you’re a Berserk fan or not, go check out his newest album), and thanks yet again to everyone for following Who Cares About Anime and supporting Did You Know Anime? over the years. Mike and I have some more goodies in store, and we’re scheming to cook up even more, so stay tuned!

– J. G. Lobo

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