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Greetings, readership! I speculated in the last update post that, unfortunately, the output of the podcast and blog would likely plummet: well, so far it seems I was correct! But, while I was unable to finish editing for this month, I wanted to throw up a short post to say that a good friend of mine was able to chat recently, so a new podcast installment should be on its way soon. Is this a trick, or will it be a treat? (You know me well enough by now, right?)

Speaking of which, happy Halloween! There may not be a new Did You Know Anime? installment this year, but I won’t let that stop me from reminiscing with a few choice titles: Should I start with Durarara!! featuring The Anime Man? Or maybe Ghost Stories courtesy of the boys of Anime-BOM? I certainly can’t forget about last year when Soul Eater featuring Lord Death himself premiered on YouTube right on October 31st! Regardless, I intend to watch all three tonight for old times’ sake.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!

– J. G. Lobo

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J. G. Lobo

Majoring in film studies and minoring in fields related to communicative studies and English literature, J. G. Lobo graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska. In addition to his other filmic endeavors and academic ambitions, he has since begun viewing anime through various cinematographic and scholarly lenses while inviting others to do the same.

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