Greetings! I’m Jon Lobo, and in 2013 I started this ‘just for fun’ blog as a creative outlet after obtaining my film studies degree. I figured that applying a dosage of film theory to my pastime of casual anime viewing would not only serve as a constructive endeavor for myself, but also allow others to be more active consumers of what they watch via an increased appreciation for, and understanding of, this Japanese-turned-international phenomenon known as anime.

Click on the various links for critical analyses, biased reviews, and general theoretical ramblings. Warning: more are very likely to ensue in the future!

All written work is my original content unless otherwise noted. Stills utilized for commentary are the intellectual property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.


In 2014, I was asked by my good friend Michael Perge to assist him with a project known as “Did You Know Anime?  To date, this educational undertaking has included one-off factoids and interviews with industry experts: but the main draw thus far has been the YouTube-hosted webisodes, which each spotlight a specific anime title or topic. Michael does most of the work—including script writing and video editing—while talented narrators bring in the fun! I’ve had the pleasure of writing several scripts myself, and also co-writing numerous others with Michael. Overall it has been a thrill to contribute to this anime community outreach, and I hope to continue contributing more in the future.

In 2015, I expanded the “Who Cares About Anime” name to include an opinionated, off-the-cuff podcast about specific anime titles. Check us out on YouTube or iTunes! Episodes will likely contain spoilers, mature themes, and explicit language. Each participant’s opinions are his or her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the podcast or this blog as a whole.

And, as of 2016, you may also find some of my reviews posted on The Pulp Press, an online magazine dedicated to news and information on various entertainment outlets including anime, comics, film, manga, and much more. Many other talented writers continuously contribute articles, and new posts are published on the 23rd of each month.

Special thanks to Michael for giving my own site a much-needed aesthetic overhaul.


Since 2009 I’ve gone by the unassuming username “wwwwhhhhoooo” (“Who”) within anime-related circles across the internet (including the premier Tenchi Muyo! podcast, Tenchicast!). As a self-inflicted tribute to those early days, I resurrected my old moniker to use as the tongue-in-cheek title of my blog. (Who cares about anime? Yes! Who does care about anime! Get it? I know, I know, an unabashed ripoff of Abbott & Costello.)

Bad wordplay aside, I hope that whether it’s via my own personal writings, citation to other qualified authors in the field, writing for a widely distributed webisode, or recording in-depth conversations with my peers in the critiquing world, I can potentially play a small role in highlighting noteworthy works of Japanese cinema while equipping others with greater capacities for scholarly comprehension (all while having a little fun along the way).

Thanks for listening, reading, and watching!

– J. G. Lobo

© 2018


  • I’ve Watched The Do You Know Anime Podcast About School Rumble. Where You And Someone Else Had The Black Critic Guy Himself As A Special Guest. I’ve Been Watching Anime Since 2009. The Black Critic Guy Is My First Friend. I Recently Wrote And Mailed Him A Fan Mail Letter To His P.O. Box Address And He Is Always Happy Getting Mail From Me In The Mail. I’ve Watched The Anime’s School Rumble Prison School. Sailor Moon. March Comes In Like A Lion. Dragon Ball Z. Fairy Tale Love Live Sunshine. Hand Shakers Date A Life. Kiss Him Not Me Scum’s Wish. High School DXD Masamune’s Kun’s No Revenge. Aki Sora. Yosuga No Sora. I Really Want To Buy The Blu-Ray/DVD Of Date A Life Yosuga No Sora Sailor Moon High School DVD And Wolf Children. Can’t Wait To See Who Else Guest Stars On Your Do You Know Anime Podcast Show This Month And In March 2017 I Have The Manga’s Kiss Him Not Me High School DXD And Masamune-Kun’s No Revenge Volumes 1 And 2. Hoping To Get The Manga’s Scum’s Wish Interviews With Monster Girls Plus Masamune’s-Kun’s No Revenge Volumes 1 And 2 From Barnes And Noble Booksellers Hopefully On 02/23/2017 02/24/2017 02/25/2017 Or On 02/26/2017 Have A Great Thursday And Friday Morning. Love Your Site Keep Up The Great Work That You’ll Is Doing And Hoping That Tony The Black Critic Guy Guest Stars Again In March 2017 If You’ll Contact Him To Be On Your Podcast For A Second Time.

    • Thanks so much for the comment, and for listening to the cast! Those are some great manga/anime titles you mentioned, and I would also like several of them (like Wolf Children) on Blu-ray (if I had the money).

      You must have a sixth sense about these sorts of things…because as of this comment, I can go ahead and fill you (and anyone else reading this) in on something: I’ve invited Tony to sit in on an upcoming podcast! Be on the lookout for it very, very soon (as in late February/early March 2017). It’s nice to hear some feedback about guests like Tony, and I’m glad you enjoyed our cast on School Rumble. He’s a cool guy, knows his anime, and it’s always a pleasure chatting with him.

      Thanks again for checking out Who Cares About Anime! I hope there are some other podcast episodes in the future that you’ll enjoy.

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