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DYKA: Tenchi Muyo!

At long last, two endeavors I’ve had the privilege of being a part of—Tenchi Muyo! fandom and DYKA—have come together in a sort of harmonic convergence that even my most optimistic side could not have predicted. Written by series creator Michael Perge while incorporating contributions from key members of fansite Tenchiforum, the episode was, as always, made largely possible by a willing and talented narrator.

But this narration was something special, as Did You Know Anime? has had its Season 1 finale graced with none other than the cyan-haired, demon caller/space pirate herself, Petrea Burchard!

Though a number of years have passed by since Tenchi Muyo! and its associated spin-offs have been aired on television (says the author in disbelief as he types this), Petrea will always be fondly remembered by innumerable English speakers around the globe as the franchise’s leading character Ryoko Hakubi. And again, though the original recordings for the dub were done in the mid-nineties, Petrea demonstrates via this vid, in 2014, that like her animated counterpart, she’s as feisty and elegantly refined as ever.

So again, on behalf of Did You Know Anime?,  the Tenchi community at large, and myself personally as a longtime fan, many thanks to Petrea!

In addition to her longtime work in voice-over and other facets of acting, Petrea is, as she puts it, “a lover of words” and has recently published a novel entitled Camelot & Vine, adding to her expanding oeuvre of short stories and fiction.

Personal blog of Petrea: http://pasadenadailyphoto.blogspot.com/

On the note of Tenchi airing on television: it would seem the series’ accumulated nostalgia combined with the recent flux of activity in international fan communities has contributed to the franchise’s revival and with it a reboot of the series, complete with character-design updates and an overhaul of its familiar premise. Click here to read more.

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P.S. I hope to have a more in-depth, analytical post this winter (as used to be the case more often around here).

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