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DYKA: Yu Yu Hakusho

The most recent episode of Did You Know Anime? serves as undeniable proof that a scholarly endeavor can be downright fun. Created by one Yoshihiro Togashi, Yu Yu Hakusho in its follow-up animated form is almost as well-known in the West as it is in Japan, where the manga source material is beloved by readers and its mangaka (author and illustrator) is revered by other artists (such as Masashi Kishimoto).

Backed by over a decade of accumulated nostalgia, my desire to write anything related to Yu Yu Hakusho was strong, and its creation needed no impetus other than the opportunity to contribute another script to this educational/entertainment endeavor. Internet comedian and well-known “abridger” (click here for further clarification on the term) Lanipator lending his voice-over abilities to the episode made the overall quality that much greater and the experience memorable.

Returning to an old favorite in preparation for a script was a rewarding experience in and of itself: sort of like re-experiencing part of my childhood (though be warned: the uncensored version of the program is not what I’d call suitable for children). Walking down a familiar road after attending film school and discovering “new” takeaways—such as what is surely a shout-out to director Akira Kurosawa, as mentioned in the video—was truly priceless.

Thanks to Nick and Michael for their fantastic work. Stay tuned for more from DYKA (if you haven’t done so already, I recommend subscribing on YouTube) and Who Cares About Anime!

(Perhaps a future Yu Yu Hakusho review or analysis is in order?)

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