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DYKA: Trigun

Season 2 of Did You Know Anime? has been concluded with a finale focused on the homage-laden Space Western Trigun (1998), and I couldn’t imagine a more apropos usher than Jeff Nimoy a.k.a. Nicholas D. Wolfwood. After all, who better to comment on the work’s strong moral themes and religious overtones than the gun-wielding man of the cloth himself? As always, it was a pleasure to collaborate with editor and director Michael when writing the script, and it was an honor to have Mr. Nimoy bring it all together in a manner truly befitting such a classic series.

Though remembered very fondly as Trigun‘s Wolfwood, Jeff Nimoy has been involved in numerous other facets of production for various works of cinema; in the anime world, he was very involved with the English-speaking localization of Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999-2003) by wearing the hats of writer, director, and actor at one point or another. He continues to be very prolific in his own endeavors and also continues to reach out to his many fans; and, more recently, he has also begun sharing his passion for the “paleolithic diet” a.k.a. the “caveman diet” in an ongoing series of videos entitled Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy.

As a relative of the late Leonard Nimoy, he would also like to highlight cousin Adam Nimoy’s crowd-sourcing project For The Love of Spock, a long-planned documentary about the original Star Trek series which has since taken on profound connotations and takeaways as Leonard’s son seeks to complete the film as tribute to his father—whom we will all remember as a legend of American culture.

Special thanks once again to Jeff, Michael, and especially to all the fans of DYKA who have been supportive enough to push this educational outlet of entertainment past 100,000 subscribers!

Click here for Jeff Nimoy’s personal YouTube page, and click here to find information about supporting For The Love of Spock.

Stay tuned for DYKA Season 3!

– J. G. Lobo

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